National 12 string restoration
by Mike Lewis.

Fine Resophonics. Paris. France.

When found, this instrument had been sprayed with gold paint all over, and was in a very poor state. One side of the tuners had been replaced with another make which had required the holes to be enlarged on that side. We entrusted it to Mike Lewis for restoration, the wonderful result of which you can see here.

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Before stripping body.

Before stripping front.

Before stripping headstock.

As found, Michael Messer playing.

Before stripping shield.

Buffing the back.

Clear top sunburst side emerges.

Finished back.

Finished front.

Finished f hole.

Handcrafting a tailpiece.

Michael Messer with finished instrument.

Mike Lewis at work.

Mike Lewis with finished guitar.

Mike Lewis with smile.

Neck joint.

No coverplate front.

Old and new tailpieces.


Painted 2!

Paint slowly coming off.

Restored headstock.

Stripped of gold paint.

Sunburst back emerges.


Three pit props.

Waiting for paint.

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