1932 Aloha Hawaiian guitar.

Aloha pic

According to Bob Brozman, this is one of twelve made by a tin-smith in Shanghai, China.

We can add to Bob's information here by telling you that neither the coverplate or the cone are National parts. We believe Bob got this information from Tau Moe, a Hawaiian musician who took the picture used in Bob's book while touring in China in 1932. Whoever it was that made this guitar did a remarkable job.

Aloha pic

Aloha pic

Many years ago, Phil Alexander, a musician and instrument dealer from N London UK called me and said he had heard of a strange metal instrument being used as window dressing in a 'Gents Clothes Shop' in a town North of London. Were we intersted in seeing it?

When he finally got his hands on it we were all amazed to see it was this instrument pictured here!

I heard recently from Bob Brozman that another has turned up, so it seems that not all were melted down in the 'Cultural Revolution'!


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