National Aragon "de Luxe" guitar

Pictured in California at the home of the late Chris Ramey. The Aragon in the center had been a basket case and been restored by Don Young.

When found it had a steel coverplate fitted and Don made a new wood one.

Most have had their wood coverplates broken and replaced with steel ones. The outer pair still have their factory wood coverplates, which were I believe cut from the front of the actual archtop instrument, the multiple layers of binding on the body/plate then filling the cut line.

Aragons in California

One with the pickguard!

This stands high and gets in the way. No wonder most have been removed. The multiple layers of binding on the body can be clearly seen.

Aragon with pickguard

Aragon featured in a catalogue, April 2 1942

Aragon catalogue

Below, Master Luthier, Marc Schoenberger plays an Aragon that he has restored, just before handing it back to the owner.

Marc Schenberger with an Aragon


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