Possibly the earliest known National Tricone guitar?

Spanish neck, No serial number.

Made in 1926 or 7, this is the probably the earliest German Silver tricone guitar known.I haven't had the opportunity to compare it to any of the instruments with the diamond holes which are generally regarded as being the first tricones produced, but since they were all given serial numbers it is strange to find none on this instrument!

All hand made, with unique engraving, wood well, flat back, non production mesh in coverplate screen holes, hand cut and soldered grill apertures.

Earliest known Spanish tricone pic

Earliest known Spanish tricone pic

Earliest known Spanish tricone pic

Thanks to Timm Kummer for these pictures.

It is the instrument on your left, in the picture below! I am told the player is Sam Mia, but can find out nothing about him. If you know more about this picture please let me have details to post here.

Pictured on the left!

If you know of a Spanish neck instrument with diamond holes (we hear rumours that there is/was one) we would really like to have some pictures to post here, so please contact us!


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