Max Miller with Duolian
Max Miller "The Cheekie Chappie"
English comedian/music hall entertainer from the 1930s, 40s & 50s, he was the proud owner of a 14 fret National Duolian that he apparently bought from a visiting American performer in the mid 1930s.
The guitar is now owned by comedian/actor/presenter Roy Hudd, who bought it from Maxs estate after his death in the mid 1960s.

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Early Square Neck Tricone Headstock

Early Square Neck Tricone Headstock.

****************************Stolen! Duolian C5673*************************


Stolen Duolian C5673

Eddie's Duolian has been resprayed and had horizontal block inlays placed in the fingerboard.

If this instrument is offered to you for sale, or you know who currently has it, please contact us, with as much info as possible and we will pass the information on to the owner.

The owner is offering a reward for the return of his guitar.


----For sale----

Many of the instruments didplayed here are currently for sale, through Marc Schoenberger's site. Master luthier (and Bob Brozman's recomended National repairman) Marc has done a full service and set up on all the instruments that are for sale there, please go and take a look! (A spectacularly clean Aragon de Luxe is currently for sale there, set up by Marc and 'ready to go'.)


John & Rudy Dopyera's workbench

The bench on which Rudy (the metalworker) and John (the 'inventor') Dopyera built the first guitars!


Here we present a pictorial history of the National brand name, dating from the 1920s through to the present day, although concentrating on the pre 1940s.

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