M3 Hawaii Tricones.

Probably amongst the last tricones made, I had always believed that the M3 was brass bodied, but this Circa 1942 instrument would appear from both the handrests in the pictures to be steel bodied. This is the original painted finish, the instrument was a Hawaiian square neck, but has been re-necked as Spanish with a new National Resophonic neck. The paint on these did not wear well, and many have lost all their paint by now.

Correction: I recently heard from an M3 owner, who posts at our forum as erk187. He writes "I have noted a consistency among the 6 I have owned, and notably similar on the one commented on. Where you have written that the guitar was steel, I ask to differ, as the body, where the paint isn't, is either shiny silver colored from solder in the corners, or a tarnished brass color on the body. I have seen this color on every M3 I have owned and they were all brass. The coverplates on all of the ones that I had were german silver and showed no tarnish, while the t-bridge cover that was soldered over the coverplate was steel, and they were rusted on every one."

M3 tricone front

M3 tricone back

Another, still with it's Hawaiian neck. I am not aware, (or, rather have not seen any adverts for) that National made any Spanish necked M3 tricones.

M3 tricone front

M3 tricone 1942 catalogue
M3 tricone 1942 catalogue.


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