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Page 8.

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 04.02 - 29/4

If any one has an email address for Bev King can they please post it here!

I guess they are the author of the DOBROist's Scrapbook, which I have a copy of.



Name: Bev King
Hometown: Clarksville, AR
Sent: 03.06 - 22/4

For sale: National Style O, 12 frets clear; slotted peghead. Etching is about worn off the top; still visible on back. Decal is gone; some wear on fretboard around 1st 3 frets. Coverplate has worn spots but plating on body of guitar is still shiny. Tuners are probably original; need to be straightened. Asking $2000 with new hardshell case.

Name: Alan Dailey
Hometown: Leeds, UK
Sent: 17.47 - 3/4

Finally got round to looking at the new acquisitions. What a great site - thanks for all the work you've put in to it. Repeat over and over "I do not need/cannot afford any more shiny guitars". I wish I'd known when I was young that a silver uke is irresistible to women. Some pictures and sounds at

Name: Lee Taylor
Hometown: Newburyport MA
Sent: 23.03 - 27/3

Nice site, besutiful guitar pictures. I have one of the student models(spanish). I've been looking all over for information about it. I keep it in my locker at work,I play it on my lunch break. It's a good chance to get a little practicing in.

robert wheeler - founder
Hometown: Littleton, MA
Sent: 18.43 - 18/3

What a wonderful site. Thanks for your posting on "Flea-Market" that led me here. I only posses one metal bodied uke, a contemporary National, I was "directed" to acquire this one by my wife, who insisted on it because Tiny Tim was clutching a shinny bodied uke, a Beltone I understand, to his bosom, when we saw him pitch off the stage in Montague, Massachusetts, on to the floor, in 1996. Seeing all of your National ukes, and touring your site, was much enjoyed. regards, robert - founder - Ukulele Consciousness

Name: Gregg Miner
Hometown: Los Angeles
Sent: 05.30 - 17/3

Colin & Michael - a wonderful labor of love, from someone who knows!
The ukes are my favorite!
Gregg Miner

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 01.49 - 16/3

As promised the first pictures of the banjo and ukes are now on the site.

When pro pictures have been taken, we'll change these pictures for better ones.

Many thanks to Michael Messer for putting the page up so fast!


Colin McCubbin
Sent: 01.39 - 15/3

We´ve just acquired three very early Nationals which will be pictured on the site in due course. They are a banjo similar to the one drawn in John Dopyera´s 1925 patent application, and two banjo ukes, both look the same from the front, but one has a smooth steel resonator(back) and the other´s resonator is hammered into dimples.

I date the ukes to 1927/8 but have no documentary proof of this.

If anyone has any information, pictures, whatever about these instruments, please contact us.


Colin McCubbin

Name: Jim Ferguson
Hometown: Roseville, CA
Sent: 08.47 - 9/3

Its nice to have someplace to point people to when they ask "What's a National?" Great photos! I just acquired my first, real National. It is a 1928 tricone with a square neck. It is serial number 1000, a style 1. It still has the original cones in it. I also have what I believe to be a Regal #5, which has a wood body, a single mandolin-size biscuit-type resonator of 8 3/4" (I think )and a round neck. The cover plate has simple diamond cutouts. I also have a mid-30's, round neck Dobro, probably a model 19. I am enjoying the National immensely. I am starting to try some slack key pieces on the National. Some of them actually translate pretty well. Cheers.

Name: Phil Dollard
Hometown: Briarcliff Manor, N.Y.
Sent: 20.12 - 2/3

Hey Colin, Great site. I'll stop back to feed my growing desire to own a National. Too bad no Vancouver IGS this summer. I think I'll skip a year anyway...gotta get that Polychrome. Did you ever get the snaps I sent of my old Regal? Be well; keep up the good work. Phil Dollard

Name: Chris Lucker
Hometown: Los Angeles
Sent: 18.44 - 28/2

I have only one National right now. It is the steel front, brass back Style O my parents bought from Son House when I was a boy. I recently sold three piece bodied 9W Triolian. It had no truss rod and felt good, but never sounded alive. My Style O sounds fantastic! Thank you for your site.

Name: Mischa Sobel
Hometown: Cresskill, NJ
Sent: 01.30 - 27/2

Wow! Great site. My National "collection" consists of a single '40's New Yorker 6-str lap steel, which I love!

Name: Terry Vittone
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Sent: 03.45 - 26/2

Wonderful site. Incredible instruments. I own a 1930 squareneck tricone,a reissue style 1 roundneck, and a 1956 Debonaire archtop. Can't say enough good things about the reissue. It's worthy of the name.

Name: CrowBear Schmitt
Hometown: St Beat PairO'Knees France
Sent: 22.44 - 25/2

Thank you so much for such a great site.
There are some fantastic instruments that i had never seen before.
i remember goin' to pawnshops 35 years ago and finding some of those great Nationals for peanuts !
National was a precurseur that had class !
Vive l'Art Déco. the 30s were the most creative years until WWII came along
Thanks for bringin' up my Steel education !
Keep up the great work + Keep on Pickin'

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 03.17 - 25/2

Ron Randall, email to your email address below is bouncing! Can you please post your working email address


Name: david bellinger
Hometown: portland or
Sent: 01.20 - 25/2

does anyone have pictures or text about the little solid body resophonic guitars?

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 22.16 - 24/2

Bob Brozman has the only factory original tricone we've heard of with more than 6 strings. It is a square neck, with 8 strings, using a 4 peg mandolin tuners on each side of the headstock. As far as I know it is for sale.

If anyone has seen any others/has pictures please let us know!


Name: Ron Randall
Hometown: Dallas, Texas USA
Sent: 17.03 - 24/2

Great job. This helps me understand the models and styles. The photos are great.
I own two Dobro brand guitars.
Would love to have a National TriCone.
Is there a 7 or 8 string model?

Name: Les Ford
Hometown: Vancouver
Sent: 07.00 - 21/2

I like your site so much that I downloaded it to my laptop so that I can look at it while I'm on the toilet.

Les Ford
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada
Sent: 18.22 - 20/2

Just a note that the squareneck M series Dobro on your site is presently for sale in Vancouver, Canada. The etchings on that instrument are possibly factory custom. I think it's a model 65, but information is so hard to come by. George Gruhn doesn't even seem to have a clear idea of the difference between an M15 and an M16.

I myself bought the M15 roundneck No.1099 that you show in your Tonk Brothers catalogue section. I was absolutely delighted to see it pictured on your site in such distinguished company.

It is almost impossible to find a photograph online of an M15 or M16, so I was quite pleased to find the picture. It took a few seconds for me to realize that I was looking at my own guitar.

Please if you have more photos of M series Dobros, for example an M16, I would love to see them.

Name: melker
Hometown: malmoe
Sent: 15.36 - 11/2

My delphi is made in november 95 serial 143.
Does anyone one when they started to build these fine guitars.

Colin McCubbin
Sent: 05.55 - 6/2

Can anyone source a replacement volume knob (white) for a '62 Glenwood?

If so please contact David Swaim direct at email:

Who is looking for one.



Page 7.

Name: John Woodward
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Sent: 18.04 - 30/11

I have a tube amp from the 60's? called a National Model 22. Is this the same brand or was the National name hijacked by Gibson, Fender, et al?


Name: Tom Irwin
Hometown: Cessnock NSW Australia
Sent: 02.24 - 29/11

Great site surfed in looking at banjos allright!!

Name: Rob Kilgore
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Sent: 23.16 - 18/11

Hello! I had some questions about my 1961 Resoglass National. The serial number would indicate that this guitar was made in 1961. This predates the Val Pro 84 by a year or so. The pickup switch is on the upper bout, and it has 2 sets of 2 knobs also on the upper bout. On the Val Pro 84, the pickup switch it on the lower bout near the master volume knob, and there seems to be 3 knobs as opposed to two. I was told that this was a prototype for the Val Pro 84.I am not that concerned about the prototype thing. Its a great player and thats what I intend to do with this guitar. Play it and show it off! Its a great looker for sure. Any insights you could give me about this fine National would be greatly appreciated.


Rob Kilgore

Name: Rob Kilgore
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
Sent: 22.53 - 18/11

Great Website! Wonderful photos. I have become a National Kook over the last year or so. I have a 1930 Triolian that is the greatest. I recently got a 1960's Val Pro 84 and its a great player also. Keep up the good work!


Sent: 21.52 - 7/11


Name: David J. Glass
Hometown: Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada
Sent: 03.14 - 26/10

Just found your webpage through Mugwumps links.....I am looking for any information on Schireson Bros. Hollywood resonator guitars produced in the early to mid-1930's in Los Angeles, California. I have just acquired a lower grade mahogany bodied model and know that these guitars are pretty scarce; very excited to have it and have begun its' resurrection. Also play old Nationals, both wood and metal bodied. Please help with any information at all, and thank you! Best regards to all out there who play old resonator guitars, David J. Glass

Name: Lenny Gerthoffer
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Sent: 18.12 - 26/9

Hi there, great site. I've been collecting Nationals for a while and have a question. I have a style N just like the one in the picture with the Tri Cone headstock. Body is incredible. Any idea as to it's value, other than what someone will pay? I'm guessing it was an early experimental model before they hit full production. Don't want to sell, but wondering your opinion as to how rare it is in the scheme of things. Seems it would be ultra rare! I have 9 vintage nationals right now, down from 15. Only the best remain. Appreciate any info on this guitar if you know. Lenny

Name: Dave
Hometown: Waynesville, MO
Sent: 16.17 - 8/9

Hi,trying to help my cousin out with info on a National Guitar. It is an Acoustic, In her words "i'd describe it as an acoustic 6-string guitar, with 2 leads and steel strings. The front is a reddish blonde, looks like a natural maple or something close, and the sides and back look like cherry with a black inlaid trim. All wood, no steel." and "on the back of the headpiece thingy, it says:
F E 199
No. 1201
Inside the hole, it looks like there is a number stamped on the wood, The closest thing I can figure is a 7 and a 3 (maybe) real close together, and then 1 1 over a bit to the right. But the 1 1 looks bigger than the 73 ... so maybe it's not even a number.

Can anyone help?

Name: Bob Brozman
Hometown: The world
Sent: 08.49 - 28/8

Hi Colin, The site looks great! I am in Singapore at the moment, at WOMAD with musicians from Reunion Island and Okinawa! But when I get back Sept. 4, I will be home for a while before shoving off to africa for 3 months. Please get in touch, I have some interesting instrument news!

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 20.40 - 19/8

Tim tells me the style 3 uke is a large body, I had always thought that mine was the only large body #3 uke known to exist, (there are several small bodies about). I haven´t seen any pictures, but it has to be one of the rarest National ukuleles in existence!

Colin McCubbin
Sent: 17.49 - 18/8

I'm posting this for Timm Kummer who has a wonderful assortment of early Nationals (and some later ones) for sale. I have dealt with him in the past, and am happy to pass this on.

He can be contacted at

1927 Tri Cone, pre production, special engraved, hand cut
sound holes, mentioned in Bob Brozman's book, round neck,
kinda nice $30,000 1928 Style 1, excellent, round neck, has
the original owners name on the back (done at the factory at
the time of construction) also has a Date engraved at the
base of the body Feb.1928 (I've been dealing Nationals for
25+ years and have seen it all)$12,500 1939 National style O
tenor, very cute, pickguard is missing, but no mess left
behind (just 2 little factory holes where it attached)solid
headstock, playes great, $3500 1931 National Doulian, the
cleanest one ever, no wear, the body is near mint, headstock
has a repair, $3000 1929 National style 3 uke, Call 1930
Triolian uke, the cleanest I've seen, $3500 I also have many
others, mandolins, tenor guitars, modern and old. Email for

Name: Timm Kummer
Hometown: Florida
Sent: 10.43 - 11/8

Still want some photo's? I have a few things that might make your readers smile.

Dereck Ostiguy
Sent: 22.36 - 27/7

Hello Colin;

I'm the fellow you met who made the Weissonborn lookalike. That guitar in Edmonton of Michael Dunn's was from "W.A. Greenfield".. The site is wonderful and filled with beautiful instruments. Keep it up..

Dereck Ostiguy
Abbotsford, BC

Name: Russell
Hometown: dublin, ireland
Sent: 02.52 - 13/7

great to find some detailed information on national. I am looking for a Violectra to play/buy, but I have no idea where to start looking, or how rare they are - any ideas?

Name: jonathan hill
Hometown: santa fe mew mexico
Sent: 19.33 - 8/7

hello- i'm looking for info on a rare , early ALUMINUM lap steel i just got; the headstock is a "styilized N", so i thinkk it might be a NATIONAL OAHU?- can't find a picture of this anywhere on the internet; not even on this awsome site! if you think you know what this is please let me know; i'll have j-pegs available in a few weeks- thanks JONATHAN HILL

Name: Mark Harpainter
Hometown: Berkeley, CA
Sent: 04.19 - 4/7

Have a '31 Tricone style 1 sq. neck, learning to play Hawaiian stuff from 20's & 30's a la Hoopii, Nawahi etc. My teacher (Ben Bonham) just moved to Portland OR.
(Look him up if you're in that area). Have done a couple of workshops with Bob Brozman, now looking for another teacher close to home.

Name: Léon "Slidy"
Hometown: Nandrin Belgium
Sent: 20.29 - 1/7

Nandrin is not so Famous as Woodstock but well known in Belgium for the rock festival with Garou this year and J.Page & R.Plant last year. I'm mad about resophonic guitars. I have 4 : 1 epiphone wood, 2 Johnson (1 wood and 1 steel) and my darlind 1 duolian 1937. Your website is terrific for the historical aspect and the picture are very nice
Keep on sliding


Name: Randy Hellstern
Hometown: Berkeley, California
Sent: 21.06 - 20/6

Many a lunch hour spent on this website. Thanks for the dedication and effort that made this treasure of information available. Great collection.

I'm trying to freshen up and preserve the finish on a wood body Triolian (#1552) If any one can supply any information on this topic, I'd appreciate it.

Name: CrowBear Schmitt
Hometown: St Beat PairO'Knees France
Sent: 21.08 - 26/5

what a remarquable site !
indeed a labour of Love.
Thanx for doin' it :)

Name: Lawrence Brigham
Hometown: Morrow, oh
Sent: 01.55 - 23/5

How many back designs are there for the original (1927 to 1930) tricones? Are they all named?
Where should I go for more information?

Name: derek moore
Sent: 03.54 - 20/5

I have a banjo uke like the one on the site just wanting to find out more about it. Thanks

Name: Daniel Baker
Hometown: Anderson, IN
Sent: 19.35 - 9/5

Great pictures, great site! I have the National bug in a big way. I've grabbed several Nationals, some notables would be early no-suffix metal-body Polychrome #0183, an early P-series #P81 which is still yellow, not pea-green and has the ebonized fretboard. The interesting one is an early project guitar, a prototype woodbody Triolian with coverplate screens, tri-cone headstock. When I discovered it, it had been completely stripped down to the bare wood and two holes were cut into the top for electric pickups. It is my intention to rescue it from the fireplace and completely and faithfully restore it. The excellent pictures on this site are a great help in my effort. If anyone has any theories on the early painting techniques, I'd love to hear them. Also any source for correct fasteners like coverplate / tuner mounting screws. The fasteners are the only original parts that are missing, although the tuners are marginal with terribly shrunken buttons.

Name: John Winkens
Hometown: Sturgis, Michigan USA
Sent: 06.19 - 7/5

I enjoyed your site & saw a lot of instruments that weren't featured in Brozman's book. Thank you for all of the work & time involved. It is obviously a labor of love.

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 05.19 - 4/5

The email link to Bev King now works.... Thanks!

Page 6.

Name: Roy Book Binder
Hometown: St. Pete, Fl.
Sent: 15.20 - 6/2

Very cool website...thanks for sharing your collection with us.....anyone interested in my #3 Don ? #X-57.....asking $17,500

Richard O'Donnell
Hometown: Edinburgh
Sent: 01.26 - 31/1

I'll try to keep it short ! Barry C. Davidson's (but I'm sure on other minds too) question about amplifying a National. Thought I would mention some ideas I have tried and/or seen other doing.
Electric guitar pickup (thin) stuck (double sided sticky tape - watch paint on Duolians !) to guitar body - amplifies OK but loses resonator sound mostly.
Bug pickups on : body (crap), cone (so so), biscuit (so so), piezo under biscuit (best so far - eg. Highlander - but has typical piezo nasal harsh quality, and loses sustain - but still the best so far).
Other things to try - I saw a guy playing a Nat Resophonic Style O with a magnetic pickup attached to underside of the coverplate. It was a regular modern over-the-soundhole wooden guitar pickup (Dean Markley wooden thing)(a screw into the wood at each corner thru coverplate sieve holes). Sounded good thru the PA system (using a Preamp). I tried it at home with my Dean Markley pickup (humbucking version) on my Nat Resophonic Delphi - no sound at all (realised it has steel coverplate - won't work) Tried it on that guitar with my 1934 Duolian coverplate(brass) worked OK but not as good as this guy's one. Did this guy use the single coil Dean Markley version ? (its also cheaper !)
Also tie mics (Tandy store - will cost ~ £25-30) attached to end of F-hole I found was best position for sound (points across guitar / upwards towards fingers)
None of these ideas cause harm to your treasured National if careful - and should be reversible. I drilled a hole into the side of the internal well (on my Delphi, not Duolian ! + not visible externally) to pass a cable from the strings side of the cone, into the body, attaching a jack socket to the round hole of the treble side F-hole.
Kent Duchaine (USA) told me his "Leadbessie" National Duolian has an (electric ?) piano pickup on the guitar body - stuck down unglamourously with gaffa tape, I may add ! Anyone else out there with any other ideas ? I've seen quite a few Nationals spoilt with holes cut into them to mount electric guitar pickups ! Shame !
Dope !!!!! Sorry this is not a short entry !

Colin McCubin
Sent: 18.30 - 30/1

Hi, Barry,

Michael is preparing for a big London gig tomorrow, Friday at the Festival hall in London to promote his new CD, Second Mind... So he is a wee bit pre-occupied!

I am not really well up on pickups for Nationals, but yes, they do exist , the Highlander is I understand the best, but Michael will get back to you when he has a moment.

Thanks for contacting us, I'm glad you too love those old tin cans!!

Best wishes,

Colin McCubbin

Name: Tonya
Hometown: Kenmare
Sent: 19.39 - 29/1

GREAT WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Barry C Davidson
Sent: 16.53 - 29/1

It's nice to know I'm not alone!
I'm a pro guitarist working mainly in Spain. I owm and play several old Nationals (including a Triolian that I bought off of Mike Messer a few years back) That guitar has done hundreds of gigs with me. I'll never part with it. Thanks Mike! my question is this. Is there a decent working pick up I can fit to a national? yes I know that you get a great sound by moving the guitar around in front of the mike. But for practical resons I'd like a pick up. Does it exist? I've got a 1935 14 fret style O that I want to use for this project, and before anybody cries "blasphemy" it already has two small holes drilled in the body. Someone has been there before me! Can anybody help? Many thanks.
Barry Davidson

Hometown: eatonton,georgia
Sent: 23.08 - 23/1

Hey Resophoniphiles,
I am new to this website.Just received my first resophonic instrument(a new National steel,concert-scale ukulele). I like it so much I ordered a brass-bodied,painted(black krinkle)Style-1 tricone guitar.
I would be interested in finding a Dobro ukulele, with the stars and moon coverplate;so all you folks out there that want to sell one please contact me!(well it can't hurt to ask)
Also,I have a beautiful guitar for sale to the right person(maybe a fingerpicker?);but it sounds great flatpicked as well. It is a custom Lowden O-38c,Brazilian B&S,Euro. spruce top,abalone all around top and around rosette.A couple of things make it custom,or at least it was custom in 1992 when I ordered it;#1 it has a spruce top/ordinarily George Lowden would put a black cedar top on this model.#2 there are no fretboard position markers(just side-dots)
This instrument can be shipped anywhere in the world without regard to SITES laws because it was made and sold before these things came about.
The Lowden is in fab. condition(pictures available;comes with flight case $6500 plus actual S&H to your door.
M. Cameron
349 Shelton Dr SW
Eatonton,Georgia 31024 USA
478-968-5293 (after 10am/before 9pm)
PS: I have bought and sold privately and bought on ebay;so I have references.

Colin McCubbin
Sent: 18.30 - 22/1

Hi, Dave,

I found your amp in the 1961 National catalogue. It was the baby of that years line, 8" Jensen, 5w output. If you email me your address I will send you a b/w photocopy of the literature.

Colin McC

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 18.26 - 22/1

Hi, Gerry,

Mandolin with small guitar shaped body doesn't ring any bells, sounds more like a tenor guitar/ukulele. Has it definitely got 8 strings or only 4?

If you can email a picture or more info that would be a great help!


Colin McC

Name: Dave
Hometown: Toronto, Canada
Sent: 04.50 - 22/1

I bought a National "Studio 10" electric guitar amplifier. I know very little about the amp and I'm looking for any info about it - wattage, schematics, history, anything. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.



Name: Gerry Jones
Hometown: Belfast N Ireland
Sent: 14.13 - 19/1

I have discovered an old Dobro mandolin in thr family and would like to trace the date etc. It is asmall @guitar shaped sunburst finish body bought as a used instrument in the late 40's

Great website! well done

Name: Kevin Macleod
Hometown: Edinburgh
Sent: 18.51 - 16/1

Ah, gorgeous photos of beautiful instruments. Well done to all concerned. I own and play apair of tenors, single and tricone style 1's. Never seen any style 35 or 97 tenors yet, but I suppose they are out there.
Look forward to more additions to this fine site.
Kevin Macleod

Name: Michael Messer
Sent: 01.28 - 12/1

Thanks Albert. Your kind words are much appreciated.

Name: Albert Taylor
Hometown: Portadown
Sent: 23.52 - 10/1

Hi everybody What a good site I really enjoy itsincerely Albert taylor Northern Ireland

Sent: 01.13 - 8/1

Dear Richard,
You're are on a roll!
I will answer some of your questions.
Firstly that your 'strings popping out of the bridge' problem is nothing to do with the tailpiece and its design, it is to do with set-up of the guitar. Probably needs a well made bridge saddle with properly cut slots for the strings. I don't think your plastic part from an electrical plug will do the job, it will choke the sound. These guitars were designed very well and when set up properly they play in tune and the strings never pop out of the bridge. Could also be a neck angle adjustment required. To sum up...there is no design fault, it is just a set-up job.

Next point....Nickel allergies....I think you should consider a non-metallic instrument! Gold-plating is not as durable as nickel-plating and would wear away very quickly. I don't know of any Hawaiian or blues guitarist that died of nickel poisoning, so you should be okay there.

Your 12 string Dobro - I can't help you there. I would suggest an email to Don Young at National Reso-phonic guitars, he may know about Dobros circa 1986.

The PAINT finish issue - It would be a shame to stick clear scratch-plate stuff on the Duolian as it will never come off without taking all the paint with it. It sounds like it is too late now but a little car wax would have done the job. That Duolian paint finish is not achievable regulations and paints etc...
I think it is good to use and play old guitars, but it is always important to remember that they won't be making any more.

MICHAEL MESSER STRINGS: First of all your guitar from National Reso-phonic would have been fitted with Guadalupe strings, made in the USA and used by National until they started using our Messer Newtone Nationals. Don Young changed from Guadalupe to our strings because he finds them the best he has seen. National Reso-phonic Guitars have been using our strings for the past three or four years. The lower tension and the gauges were specifically designed for those guitars and are virtually the industry standard around the world with National players. You should try some different brands, Guadalupe, Newtone, Martin, John Pearse, and form your own opinion about what strings you like to use. BTW > It doesn't offend me if you don't like our strings.
Thanks for getting in touch,
Best wishes, Michael.

Richard O'Donnell
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Sent: 00.11 - 7/1

I'm on a roll now ! A few points that I have thought about over the years about Nationals - see what you think !

(1) National's Tailpieces and string "popping" out of their slots -
I have problems with the 6th string (and 5th string in Open G) popping out of it's bridge saddle slot and I lose a beat when playing, repositioning the string. This also occurs on my 1934 Duolian on the 1st string.
Surely, other people have this problem ???
I believe the spacing on the tailpiece is the problem - it is narrower than at the bridge. If the string jumps out of the slot, it won't go back in itself, as a straighter line for it is a few mm beside it (closer to the 5th string).
Could the tailpiece not be redesigned (even in a way that does not interfere with original aesthetics) ?
Yes, I know that a decent set-up may be all that is required, but I don't think that will solve all problems.
Me personally, I improvise ! I use the internal bit out of an old (UK) 5amp plug (little plastic bar with a hole at each end - used to clamp the plug lead down to the plug), feeding the 5th and 6th strings through a hole each, between the tailpiece and the bridge, to keep the 6th string spaced apart from the 5th string !!! It works reasonably well.

(2) Nickel allergies !
I read somewhere that it takes about 10 years of constant exposure to nickel (wearing cheap jewelry, or ! playing Nationals) to develop a nickel allergy.
Do any/many players have this problem ?
I have 3, single cone Nationals (all painted steel) but I'm tired of slumming it and want a Style 1 Tricone !!(probably a Nat. Resophonic) - but I'm worried about nickel allergies - I bite my fingers a lot - transferring nickel from my fingers to my mouth (nickel poisoning anyone ?).
Does anyone out there have any thoughts on Gold plating ???
Apart from not really being true to authenticity, can gold plating last or does it fade off in a couple of years like a cheap, gold plated watch. Would it look really gold in colour or would it just say "cheap !" ?
A nickel plated National is the ultimate guitar in my mind, and for a Quiff toting Elvis hair/Blues fan and musician, it is the ultimate tool for checking the quiff is perfect, mid-song !
Would gold work just as good ?

(3) I recently bought on eBay a National with a remake neck on it - a 12 string ! The seller says he was told the neck was done by Dobro. It is a 12 fret model, flat cut F-holes, Gold paint (no crystalline pattern)- repainted I'm fairly sure. The neck has a solid headstock and is stamped at the end RPL 86. The cone does not have spirals and does not have a well under the biscuit area (not a very early cone I would think, just someone's have-a-go cone remake ?).
The neck stick inside the body has written on it "Willie Rough, 1986". Does anyone know who made the neck for this guitar or if he/she is Willie Rough ?

(4) I notice that body thickness on my friend's Bakelite-necked Triolian and on my re-necked National looks narrower (by about .25" to .5" at the neck end of the body) than other Nationals I have seen.
Is this : a feature of early Triolians only ?
or : All early metal Nationals with one piece back and sides - as opposed to later one piece front and sides ?
or : some other reason ?

(5)Naptha paint finish.
Within 10 minutes of me buying and playing my mint 1934 Duolian, wearing metal fingerpicks, I began chipping the paint off the guitar - sad, as it had survived for 65 years unscathed before I got my mits on it !
I notice the paint seems to come off the brass coverplate easier than it comes off the steel body.
I wondered what you guys think about protecting the finish (other than not using fingerpicks !)
My idea is to cover the playing area with a near invisible, very thin, clear adhesive scratch plate material, used to retrofit on wooden acoustic guitars that don't have pickguards fitted as standard. I did this on my Duolian and it is virtually invisible. I play like a mad man and have not lost any more of the finish on my guitar in 2.5 years - email me and I'll send pictures to show you the Duolian - you won't be able to see the scratchplate - and it works !
I can sense you are all swearing at me in disgust at what I have done to a vintage National - but I don't think it looks anywhere near as bad as a Duolian with big chunks of paint rubbed off ! Maybe thats why you see some steel body guitars with all the paint rubbed off or repainted/plated totally ?? !! ??

Sorry for bugging you all with my questions. I'm sorry, but I think some of you out there must think the same way I do, God help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Richard O'Donnell
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Sent: 23.04 - 6/1

Fab website !
I bought a Nat. Resophonic Delphi in Chicago in 1996 (Aug '96 manufactured). The strings on the guitar were fantastic and I've never been able to get a set as good as those anywhere since. Does anyone know what make of strings went on the National remakes in 1996 ?
(the ball-end end of the strings had silk wrapping - blue or red, I think)
I bought a 10 pack of Newtone National strings (15-59)
and hated them. They feel like unbranded cheap singles to me !
Anyway, I thought the idea for tone and volume was for the string weight and tension/force on the cone to be high. The Newton (Michael Messer) strings are designed for less tension in the same tuning ? Surely that is the opposite of what we would want ?
Woops ! Don't mean to offend anyone !!

Sent: 11.28 - 5/1

Love the website.So good to see that there is someone taking care of this very unique area of the Music Worlds heritage.I am a player, not a collector, but I have to got to find myself a nicley "battered & played" style O or Style N single cone.Can you please give me some tips on where to look, condition not a priority as it is the Tone that I am after.Keep up the good work...

Name: Bill Creller
Hometown: Saginaw Mi
Sent: 06.37 - 4/1

Great to see pix of the old National line. I have the amp with the bird outline on the speaker grill. I also have a Newyorker I bought with the amp in 1950. I also have a brochure which I received when I bought the amp & guitar. I also have a National flat-top guitar, #1155, with the magnesium neck, which I purchased in 1951, all were purchased new. I still use the amp around the house and at jams, it's still the best sounding amp I have. ( also have a Fender vibrosonic reverb,a GV-40 Pignose and a clone of the National which I built.My Newyorker is later than most of the pictures I have seen on the net. Regards Bill Creller

Sent: 18.59 - 30/12

Heard a bit about you guys from a friend of mine, Mark Makin. I know you
have an eye/ear for good quality instruments, and with this in mind i though
i would drop you a line to say i have a good National Duolian for sale,
details as follows:

National Duolian, 1937, s/no. A4744. Photos available.
Grey Crackle finish. Round neck. 14 fret, non-slotted headstock. Good
condition and all parts original, including cone. I bought this guitar from
Mark Makin around 1984.
Priced at £2250 for quick sale.
Contact: Matt Mars or 07973 344962.

Sharon Wendt
Hometown: USA
Sent: 00.11 - 29/12

God bless you!
Happy Holidays!

Name: terry dobbs
Hometown: columbus, in
Sent: 04.32 - 27/12

hi, this is a way cool site!!!great amp pics, i have a few very nice national amps that would be a cool addition to the pictures here, who should i contact to submit them? thanks, t dobbs

Name: Jeff Mikich
Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario Canada
Sent: 05.09 - 15/12

HI, short note to say I own my grandfathers 30"s??? alum. national lapsteel & amp. serial # on head.. 3716 reddish-brown body+gold face. Amp is brown +the 3 green stripes . Any info on year,collectability,or value would be greatly appreciated. It's not for sale,it's a keep sake . thanks Jeff

Name: Larry
Hometown: hamburg
Sent: 02.00 - 8/12

Hi All,

I play a Gibson Blue Ridge that I bought new in 1969 - great guitar that keeps discouraging me from Martins! Great site here. Thanks Michael.

Name: Charles Acevedo
Hometown: Fresno California
Sent: 00.26 - 8/12

Great site!!!!

Name: Smokin' Danny Smokehouse
Hometown: Linden , New Jersey 07036
Sent: 14.50 - 1/12

Great website! I currently play slide on a Fender Strat and a Gibson S.G. with two single coils[all stock] but I'm looking for lapsteels and or an affordable Reso~glas National. Any help? Thanks

Page 5.

Name: timm kummer
Hometown: coral springs, FL
Sent: 22.55 - 17/5

Great stuff on this site, if your looking for green resoglass Nationals I have a Glennwood 98 and a Newport 84, they are both excellent, I have them on my site, or you can contact me. I also have a nice '29 style 3 uke (small body) and always a dozen or so Nationals.

Name: matt todd
Hometown: jersey ci
Sent: 10.15 - 17/5

love the slide playing really cool

Name: Richard O'Donnell
Hometown: Edinburgh
Sent: 20.02 - 15/5

Just had a neck reset done to my 1934 Duolian (14 fret neck, green crystalline finish).
The neck had "shifted" over the years causing various problems - mainly playability problems.
Who wants to buy a National for thousands of pounds and then find they can't play it as the neck is warped etc. ???

Dave King (Reading, England) did the work via contact with the London Resonator Centre.

Fantastic job - well done !!

My guitar plays far better now - day by day I am beginning to appreciate the improvements in tone and playability.

I was nervous as to whether this work might spoil the guitar (or reduce its value). I can honestly say that it was well worth the money spent - which by the way, was not as much as I thought it would cost.
You can't easily tell anything has been done to the guitar (other than it is actually far better now !!)

Dave King also worked on the string set-up (bridge and nut) UNTIL I was completely happy. Everyone has their own preferences for string height/action etc. etc.
Dave King only "rested" when I was satisfied with the guitar set-up - replacing the nut about 2 or 3 times (I was quite fussy, to be fair !). What a guy !

Overall, a very positive experience - having a neck reset on my treasured National.

Dave King is the man ! (hell of a nice guy, too !)

Many thanks Dave.

Name: Courtland Bresner
Hometown: Morecambe, England
Sent: 13.58 - 11/5

Excellent site. A must for everyone into National Guitars and collectors. I play delta blues and use a range of single cone and tricone resonstors.

Name: John Carpenter
Hometown: Oxford, England
Sent: 15.38 - 23/4

Dear Colin,
Good to see you the other evening at Ascot for the Michael Messer concert. I thought Michael and his band were really outstanding escpecially his first half aucoustic set. Sorry I did not get to speak to you much afterwards but as you can see we were a party of 4 which turned out to be 12 and quite a lot of drinking was done, I was told mainly by myself but I do not believe that for one minute. Unfortunately I have misplaced your direct email address and would appreciate you forwarding it to me. Yours sincerely John and Linda (Christmas Common).

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 03.09 - 21/4

I have just heard that Chris Ramey, a great guitarist, National lover and collector died this week.

I met Chris some years ago at an IGS where he both played and sang with a verve that amazed me. In our email corespondence and on the occasions I visited him at his home his enthusiasm for the instruments and his music rang out loud and clear..

The world of Blues music, National Guitars and, certainly, my world is diminished by his passing, yet enhanced by his life.

Next time we meet Chris, it'll be my turn to buy the beers.

Colin McC

Name: Bill Kaman
Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida
Sent: 19.20 - 16/4

Great to see a place for Nationals! Just got my 20th. Greatest guitars on earth!

Name: Len de Vries
Hometown: Leiden, Netherlands
Sent: 10.45 - 15/4

Hi Colin & Dave,

My employer is not gonna like the fact that I just spend a day and a half browsing your site. What a wonderfull universe of resophonic guitars! I never knew there were so many kinds. I was also awed at the art deco beauty of the double neck steel guitars. They look like sculptures.
Last week I smashed my piggy bank and bought a Chinese (Vintage brand) metal bodied resophonic and I'm already hopelessly in love with it. My financial situation probably won't allow an original National in my lifetime, but hey I can always dream and I have fun with my new toy anyway.
Thank you for the information and the fine pictures.

Name: Tony Hatton
Hometown: Owingsville, KY now in Clarksville, TN
Sent: 06.42 - 14/4


I am a reso nut! I have performed for 35 years, mostly on saxophone & guitar. I got my first dobro 3 years ago. Since then, I have owned over 100.

I consistently sell dobros, resos, lap steels & other slide instruments on e-bay under user name combatblade. I am freinds with several top makers such as Tim Scheerhorn & Mark Taylor. Gene Wooten was a freind of mine & taught me a lot about setups.

Anyone needing a slide instrument or who just needs to talk about one is welcome to check my e-bay auctions or e-mail me. I have over 30 top quality resos for sale right now. I also have accessories, such as cases, bars, strings & picks. I can get resos custom made at Crafters of TN (Tut Taylor). I am presently having one custom made for myself with a Firebird pickup with split coils, a McIntyre feather pickup & onboard controls.


Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 22.51 - 11/4

Hi, Bernd

Are you the guy with an Aragon in Britain?


Hometown: oxford
Sent: 18.41 - 9/4

great website, many thanks!
I am looking for a 30s National El Trovador (or quality wood equivalent) with a really good sound.
Does anyone have one for sale / trade or knows where one is on offer? Would appreciate any help.

Name: Klaus
Hometown: Freiburg, Germany
Sent: 23.42 - 31/3

Hi there,
am a player, might give an arm and a leg for a plain Style N. If you consider parting with yours, contact me.

Brian Kramer
Hometown: Sweden (via NYC)
Sent: 00.04 - 27/3

Hey folks,
Really great gathering of Reso's...
I just aquired a 1936 National wood-body Rosita, great condition, all orig. What a freakin' tone!
The body shape is different than the one displayed on this site (a bit broader). I have been looking for some info about this particular ax and am surprised that there is next to nothing (that I can find).
Anyone out there with some additional details other than the Brozman book & the stuff anyone can pick up on-line? (Old catalogue info, etc.).

I also am the proud owner of Eric Bibb's old 1930 National Triolian, which I've used with him on tour & in the recording studio... (Metal bod. Reso's... Plenty of documented info. Wood-bodies...Zilch!)

Name: Colin
Sent: 09.14 - 24/3

Hi there... I really need some help. I have a very old Electric Lap Steel, and I have no idea what it is, could someone please help me identify it... if you write me, I can send you a picture, and perhaps you will have some insight for me... I believe that the manufacturing date is 18/12/66

Name: Rick Holland
Hometown: St.Paul,Mn
Sent: 03.07 - 6/3

Does anyone have any information on National GJ960p guitar amplifier head. Any info on reliability would be appreciated. Also any additional info. Please feel free too contact me. Thank you-Rick

Name: David Secord
Sent: 17.28 - 5/3

I happened by your page while surfing through the vibroworld web site. The pictures brought back some great memories. As a kid in the early 60's I lived on the northwest side of Detroit. There was a music store on the corner. As a budding guitar player I used to ride my bike up to the shop and drool at the guitars. This place was chock full of Res-O-Glas Nationals. Resonators, Tricones, the whole ball of wax. The walls were covered floor to ceiling with guitars. My dream was to buy a surf green Glenwood. I was always to shy to ask to try one. In those days the store owner's found kids like myself to be a total nuisance. My allowance and returned pop bottles afforded me a Framus Texan flattop, my first real guitar(still have it after all these years!). This shop was a weekly stop throughout my teens. I never saw the Nationals move much. They just sat on the walls. One morning my family awoke to a foul smell. Thick clouds of smoke billowed from down the street. The music store was on fire! Over the next few hours it burned to the ground. Rumor was it was a torch job-the owner had fallen on hard times. I can still remember the acrid smell of burning fiberglass. One of the saddest days of my life. Thanks for keeping the Nationals alive, even if it is only in cyberspace.
David Secord

Name: Finn
Hometown: Dennmark
Sent: 01.24 - 4/3

Wow nice pics and site any BARITON resoe Guitars ??

Name: Rob
Hometown: Baltimore Md
Sent: 01.35 - 22/2

I recognized the photo of Bukka White with the square-necked tricone because it used to belong to a guy named Burke from Baltmore who loaned it to john fahey for White to use. White's percussive style (slapping the bridge with his hand) ended up crushing all three cones and rendereing the guitar into scrap metal (as cones were note available at that time). But its out there somewhere, probably with new National cones on it by now...

Sent: 19.42 - 21/2

Dear Barry, long time since we spoke. Glad to hear the Triolian is still working! Regarding your question about pick-ups: the best system available to amplify Nationals is the Highlander, they do two is for single-cones & the other is for Tricones. For amplifying Dobros the industry standard is the McIntire.
Best regards, Michael.

Hometown: woodstock ont canada
Sent: 16.40 - 21/2

Thanks your web site helped me find out the the guitar that i have is a pre production silvo electric style 'o' -b834 which pre dates the silvo range of instruments thanks again.
If any one would know where or who could tell me how much it is worth it would help me a lot.

Hometown: woodstock ont canada
Sent: 16.40 - 21/2

Thanks your web site helped me find out the the guitar that i have is a pre production silvo electric style 'o' -b834 which pre dates the silvo range of instruments thanks again.
If any one would know where or who could tell me how much it is worth it would help me a lot.

Name: Larry Wexer
Hometown: New York
Sent: 16.19 - 17/2

Hi Colin.Your site is marvelous. Fantastic stuff.The Christmas 1930 sounds sooo familiar.Did I sell that to you years ago( I worked at Mandolin Bros 88-96)? I still play music and was recently on the Today Show( here in the US) playing Mandolin.All the best ,Larry

Name: Stewart
Hometown: San Francisco bay area
Sent: 09.55 - 15/2

Thanks for sharing the wonderful collection of vintage nationals. You should add some original case photos as well, since the old cases are so unique. I currently own 6 pre-war nationals, the most unusual being a style N with lightening bolts, music notes, prizmatic shapes and a sunrise, all sandblasted throughout the front back and sides. The design is distinctly Art Nouveau and is believed to be from the late 20's. Bob Brozman believes the guitar to be a proto type single cone. The guitar is extremely loud and has a tricone neck. The other unusual national that I have is a Sears & Roebuck round neck duolian with a very unusual green crinkle finish, not like the typical crinkle finishes that you see. This model has the large 5 cluster cover plate with flat cut f holes and is the best example of this rare model that I have seen. The fret board has been replaced with an ebony fret board, which is a great improvement. Additionally, I have an early 30's round neck style 1 tricone in mint condition. A beautiful early round neck Triolian; A mint 1934 Style O and 1933 Doulian with rolled f holes and lots of mojo. I am in search of 3 styles of 14 fret nationals: Style O with solid headstock and palm trees on the sides, Don model plainest version, and a Duolian. If I can get a digital camera, I will send some pictures. Thanks again, Stewart

Name: Steve
Hometown: San Francisco bay area
Sent: 09.55 - 15/2

Thanks for sharing the wonderful collection of vintage nationals. You should add some original case photos as well, since the old cases are so unique. I currently own 6 pre-war nationals, the most unusual being a style N with lightening bolts, music notes, prizmatic shapes and a sunrise, all sandblasted throughout the front back and sides. The design is distinctly Art Nouveau and is believed to be from the late 20's. Bob Brozman believes the guitar to be a proto type single cone. The guitar is extremely loud and has a tricone neck. The other unusual national that I have is a Sears & Roebuck round neck duolian with a very unusual green crinkle finish, not like the typical crinkle finishes that you see. This model has the large 5 cluster cover plate with flat cut f holes and is the best example of this rare model that I have seen. The fret board has been replaced with an ebony fret board, which is a great improvement. Additionally, I have an early 30's round neck style 1 tricone in mint condition. A beautiful early round neck Triolian; A mint 1934 Style O and 1933 Doulian with rolled f holes and lots of mojo. I am in search of 3 styles of 14 fret nationals: Style O with solid headstock and palm trees on the sides, Don model plainest version, and a Duolian. If I can get a digital camera, I will send some pictures. Thanks again, Stewart

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 06.07 - 12/2

There is a small set of postings about reso pickups at Woody Mann/Bob Brozman's site, please check it out!

Number of entries: 200

Page 4.

Name: Adam
Hometown: New Mills, Derbyshire
Sent: 15.34 - 20/12

Wow, Stunning site...there are some amazing instruments on here! The model 35 is an absolutely gorgeous guitar!

Name: Robert Salomone
Sent: 20.23 - 2/12

Looking to buy 1937-40s National 14 fret Style O with palm tree etching around guitar side. Looking for a clean instrument with no issues, immediate cash for right instrument. Thanks!

Name: Robert Salomone
Hometown: Carefree, AZ
Sent: 09.52 - 26/11

I acquired a Rickenbacher Bakelite Spanish Guitar this past weekend. It is one of the long necked guitar models as opposed to the Bakelite lapsteels. Separate Volume and Tone Controls on opposite plates, both knobs are the black "flying saucer" models. The Horseshoe pickup has a Pat. # on it and knurled height adjustment knobs, the width of the magnet is 1 3/8".
There is no serial number on this guitar, it is in excellent condition, straight neck with no warpage.
I'm curious as to how many of these were made and if anyone has an idea as to when it was made. I'm thinking 1939/40, but some of the features on it look the same as on older models. There's a picture of it at the homepage address above. Cheers!

Name: Jeff
Hometown: Durham, NC
Sent: 23.02 - 17/11

Hmm, they stripped the URL from my post. If you want to see the guitar, use the link above this post.

Hometown: Durham, NC
Sent: 22.59 - 17/11

Great site!

I have a National "LPC" guitar (that's what is stamped into the neckplate, anyway). Probably built in the late 60's, inexpensive and probably uninteresting to collectors. It's shaped like a Les Paul, but the body is made of glued-together blocks of wood with a laminate top curved to approximate the Les Paul shape. The neck is densely laminated, at 90 degees to the rosewood fretboard. It has a zero-fret.

Originally black acrylic laquer, after I paid all of $60 for this (my first) guitar at age 16, I stripped off the paint, revealing the laminate top which happened to have a nice grain, to which I applied a light walnut stain and Formby's satin tung-oil varnish.

I also replaced the cheap tuners with a set taken off a Les Paul, that was in about 1978, and I added a switch to put the neck and bridge pickups out of phase.

In spite of being a cheapie, lots of folks like it & have funplaying it, including a number of pro players. It doesn't sound or feel like a Les Paul, other than the dimensions and shape. (It weighs half as much!)

Here's a pic:
Just in case anyone's interested in National knockoffs of Gibson guitars ;)

Name: timm kummer
Hometown: coral springs, florida
Sent: 16.08 - 5/11

I have a new web site and many nationals for sale, check it out. I also have 2 National Glenwood 99s and a newport 84, see my opening page for a shot hard to find! Not to mention a proto round neck tricone with special engraving, email for photo's

Name: Donna Sue Messer
Hometown: McCloud
Sent: 07.38 - 31/10

Hi, I have a Rickenbacher lap steel 6 string "Electro". The name plate on the peg head says Los Angeles, has red lightning bolts on label also. Pat.No.2089171. I can't find a serial number. In one of your pictures titled "Rickenbacher demonstrators circa mid 1940s", on the floor next to the guy on the left (between his left leg and the amp) is one that looks alot like it except mine has two knobs. Also, mine is gray with white bakelike in middle of front and middle of back. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 18.30 - 27/10

Here's a page about Jack Bruce (Cream), he was a Gibson EB3 player. It was, I think, a late 60's early 70's instrument, and, due to it's short scale length was popular with the guys who normally played lead guitar but then tried (Jack DEFINITELY succeeded)to adapt that style to bass..

Hope this helps!


Name: kathleen
Hometown: arizona
Sent: 11.30 - 27/10

iam not sure what i have . when my dad passed away i
got his guitars.there,s one i think is a rickenbacker
lapBD6 it has a its white bakelite in front
black behind. also have a gibson bass EB-3, what ever that means. a mars bass.never heard of that one. and
a lead guitar from japan, someone said it has a star burst paint job. there all from the sixties i belive.
except the steel lap that was my grandfathers. well any help what they are and might be worth ,let me know.

Colin McCubbin
Sent: 18.22 - 23/10

Hi, Andy,

Thanks for the picture, you do indeed have a 2nd generation National Violin, the first had F holes and was I guess a stock violin to which the company added a pickup. They then offered a version with no f holes, which was probably both cheaper to make and less prone to feedback.

I haven't seen the printed label you mention, but it is quite possible that they sourced the actual instruments in Cz and simply added the pickup in the USA.

Best wishes,

Colin McCubbin

Name: Andy Holliman
Sent: 20.52 - 14/10

I have been offered a violin that looks very similar to the Violectric made in 1940. My contact says that "It says "made in Czechoslovakia" on a printed label inside. On the bridge
plate is says: PAT 1962919. Under this bridge plate is a ball of magnets
and resisters...
Would this be a National Violectric? Were they made in
Does anyone know the value of this instrument in avarage condition?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Andy H

Name: Fcapo
Hometown: New Jersey
Sent: 20.36 - 13/10

Great Page. I have an early 4 tube Rickenbacher Amplifier, 8 in speaker. The chassis looks similar to the early Nationals. Has no volume or on-off switch. Anyone know of schematics for such? thanks

Name: Blair Finley
Hometown: saskatoon,sask,Canada
Sent: 22.56 - 8/10

Love your site, i just got my first duolian,not perfectly original but sounds great.Anybody have another for sale?

Name: Randy Troxel
Hometown: Millbrae, CA
Sent: 23.51 - 7/10

I'm trying to find info about a National model EG685-2RG archtop thinline electric. It's similar to a Gibson 335, has two humbuckers and 3 way switch. Any info would be appreciated.

Name: Robert Salomone
Hometown: Carefree, AZ
Sent: 07.29 - 1/10

Nice to stumble across this site once again, and thanks for taking the time to keep up interest in National resonators. Currently have a near mint 1930 Style 3 Spanish neck "Lily" Tricone, also have my trust 1932 14 fret Style O, a new National Style 4 and
Style O. Always looking for clean instruments. Gracias, Amigos!

Name: wendy
Sent: 21.07 - 21/9

I have a National guitar with this number::x26604. It's an electric solid body, single pick-up. I can't find anything on this type. If anyone has any info please let me know.

Name: Paul Norman
Hometown: Cambridge, MA
Sent: 14.33 - 17/9

I make single cone 12 string resos. I would be interested to know as much as I can about the old painted 12 you show on your site.

Name: William H Thompson
Hometown: Lizella,GA
Sent: 02.05 - 7/9

I have a National Student model X66031 and was wondering if you could enlighten me on the age/value.
many thanks

Name: Danielle Dietrich
Hometown: Millville,N.J.
Sent: 05.34 - 21/8

found a steel guitar in my grandmoms attic marked natinal with a palm beach seen on the back number on bottom 1s s4342 if you have any info please contact me. I was told that it was purchased in Mexico in the 40's by another family memeber but would like to know more info on it thank you for any assitance.

Name: Al T
Hometown: LP, MN
Sent: 13.10 - 4/8

I have a National Silvo (uke/tenor guitar?)which I acquired many years ago when an elderly musician died. Since I am not a musician, I know very little about this instrument, and would like to learn. The neck, plate & National mark are similar to that pictured on the NOTECANNONS style "O" uke pictures. The "cuts" in the body are the shape pictured on tenor guitars. The body is 15 inches X 13 inches. The serial # is B2538. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 18.20 - 16/6


I am collecting information and pictures on the fiddle edge instruments made under Dobro and Old Kraftsman brand names. I have a copy of the Dopyera's patent and quite a few pictures, but any pictures or information would be welcome.

Thank you!

Colin McC

Name: Lenny
Hometown: Santa Barbara
Sent: 19.53 - 30/5

Hi all, I have a minty roundneck tricone, 1934 style 1 for sale. Guitar is virtually unplayed, perfect neck and plating. Looking for $7,500 for it. I have 13 vintage nat's and this is one of my nicest. Email at w questions. Thanks much. Lenny

Sent: 20.20 - 21/5

Hi Jacques, thanks for showing us the photos of your amplifier. I do not have any pictures of that model, but I think it would have been the same colour as the one we displayed with the National cut-out sheild. If anyone does have photos or catalogs of this amp in its original condition....please send us one.
Best regards, Michael Messer.

Name: Richard Monaghan
Hometown: Winchester
Sent: 12.02 - 20/5

I am looking around for an old National Valve Amplifier
Does anyone have one for sale, or know of any available?


Name: Jacques
Hometown: Sechelt , BC, Canada
Sent: 21.02 - 18/5

Hello there

I've found this National Dobro Amplifier which looks like it may be from the 30's, and I was wondering if anyone had any information about this model.

I would like to restore this amp, and the National symbol looks painted. I'm curious to know if it was chrome or black originally.

Also any tips on restoring the covering, material sources for speaker cloth, leather handles, etc... would be helpful. It works like a charm.

Thanks for any help with this...


Page 3.

Name: Bottleneck John - Resonatin´ Blues
Hometown: Östersund, Sweden
Sent: 11.31 - 1/4

Heey!! I LOVE THIS PAGE!!! Returns every week(day)..
Hear me play my reso´s at Soundclick..

Keep resonatin´

Buck Montoya
Hometown: Wichita,KS
Sent: 05.55 - 28/3

Very cool site Colin!

By any chance, would you have a wiring diagram for a Glenwood 99? If not, should it have a 3-position switch selecting only 1 pickup at a time? Are the three top pots for tone and the 3 lower pots volume for the respective pickups front-to-back?

Best Wishes,

Name: Ted Hoffman
Hometown: Kansas City
Sent: 06.48 - 27/3

Wow! Cool site!

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 02.19 - 27/3

Can anyone offer up any information on a European built resonator guitar, looking similar to a style N, with a Selmer style tailpiece. The headstock tuners are engraved with SB, who was, I believe Salvatore Bilardi. Luthier Michael Dunn tells me that he, Salvatore Bilardi, made copies of Selmer instruments, but says that he has never seen a Resonator.

I have now seen a third, but can not find anything more about their origin!

I have pictures so if anyone wants to see one please drop me an email.

Thank you.


J Rose
Sent: 15.39 - 29/2

Recieved your e-mail and sent the photos you requested, but have doubts if they went through. If you did'nt recieve them please let me know and I'll try again.
Thank you,

Colin McCubbin
Sent: 06.46 - 26/2


I tried to email you but it bounced! can you please check the address you left.

Name: alfred wall
Hometown: graz austria europe
Sent: 00.32 - 25/2

i am at the moment in whistler pan pacific hotel room 813 until the 3rd march. if possible contact me. i am a guitar collector and would love to see your instruments and talk to you.

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 21.03 - 20/2

I just removed a post left here by some jerk with a link to a site that tried to download a trojan to my Pc when I clicked on it... Don't forget folks please keep your anti virus software up to date!

Colin McC

Name: Tana Breaultqq
Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Sent: 10.11 - 19/2

I check you page every so often. Just wondering if you posted a pic of the guitar you purchased from us? Hope is was everything you hoped for. Best wishes. b_bro at eBay

Name: J. Rose
Hometown: Va. USA
Sent: 17.48 - 15/2

Hoping to get some info about my National. It is a painted body,(red w/ exstemely fine gold flakes), V shaped neck that joins at the 14th fret,and a off-white pickguard that covers the left F-hole and follows the contour of the body about 1/4 of the way around the coverplate. SN on the end of the head stock x335. NATIONAL written out.(like the picture at the top of the "O" style page)with a black over white peghead overlay. Any info would be very helpful. I've owned Nationals for 25 years and have owned this one for 10 and have not been able to find out what model it is.
Thank for any info
J. Rose

Name: Leif Bjorkeback
Hometown: Orebro
Sent: 16.22 - 12/2

Avesome collection of stunning instruments. Iv'e been drooling all over my laptop...

Name: Nikki
Hometown: CA
Sent: 06.07 - 12/2

Great site! I will tell all of my friends :).

Name: Rick Sullivan
Hometown: New York - NY / USA
Sent: 03.39 - 11/2

Hi ! your site is very cool ! I have a site too. This is a lyrics site (
If you have time visit us ! by the way, can you add a link to my site in you site ? see you later. :e

Name: mike lewis
Hometown: paris
Sent: 20.19 - 8/2

hello I still keep going back to look at your stack of nationals ,did you see the picture of the 12 string ?
If you want to finance the making of a dobro uk cone
give me a ring it will not cost thousands of dollars
a bientot

Name: Johan Eliasson
Hometown: Östersund, Sweden
Sent: 10.43 - 2/2

Jeeez, what a wonderful collection!! Many thanks to Collin for being around and taking care of these little beauties!!!! I LOVE resonator instruments, I got a Vintage Steel Delphi and a Tricone myself!!
Been recording a new album now and have used my reso´s on every song! I love it!!

Check my sites out: , , (english)

Best reso-regards from cold Sweden..

Name: John Kotwas
Hometown: North Chatham NY
Sent: 21.42 - 29/1

I have a 1928 Style 2 Pear Shaped Plectrum # 23. Does any one have any info about it?

Name: Phil
Hometown: Live Oak FL
Sent: 01.43 - 22/1

I have a National lap steel serial # X16248 that I would like to identify. It is square neck, pale yellow fingerboard with notes and numbers for positions, gray/black pearloid body, neck, and peghead, brown fabric on back, in tweed case. Name plate on peghead in aqua. Any ideas? Thanks!

Name: lawrence wilson
Hometown: Templeton mass
Sent: 14.42 - 18/1

awesome site,wonderful pics.thank you for sharing

Name: Jeff Turner
Hometown: Los Angeles
Sent: 00.20 - 18/1

Fantastic web site.
* WANTED *: Large body ukulele in excellent condition for collection. Wish to add resonator to my vintage collection of wood ukes. Thanks!

Name: Rob Ford
Sent: 17.24 - 8/1

Whoops! left off my e-mail address!

Name: Rob Ford
Hometown: Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
Sent: 17.23 - 8/1

Hi everyone.

I have just become the proud owner of National Lap top serial number N492. It is in very poor condition but I am hoping that Chandlers Guitar workshop in London will be able to help me bring it back to life.

I have pictures in it's current state if anyone would like to see it.


Rob Ford

Name: Harlem Slim
Hometown: Texas
Sent: 01.55 - 7/1

Great site, keep up the good work! HS

Name: David Kidney
Hometown: Dundas, ON, Canada
Sent: 15.39 - 1/1

What a beautiful site. I could stare at pictures of these remarkable instruments all day. I have Bob Brozman's book, and a poster of Mark Knopfler's guitar, and my own Dobro to keep me busy...always wanted one, after seeing my grandfather's next door neighbour's National which he kept behind the couch! I love these guitars!

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 03.26 - 23/12

I'm hoping that Don Young will be making some Dobro uke cones in the near future. I have spoken to him and I will let him have samples. Making the dies will cost thousands of dollars, so I'd ask that anyone who has a Dobro uke out there to please contact me and let's make a list of folk who need a cone or who would like a spare. I'm prepared to pay the tooling cost myself to get this project going, as I have two ukes that need cones.


Name: soybean
Sent: 22.43 - 20/12

I'd like to add my name to the list of folks looking for a replacement cone for a dobro uke. the diameter is 5 3/4" and the depth is 2 1/16". Does anyone know if another size can be modified to fit? Thank you! email(to avoid spam, i've spelled it out) soybean AT

Page 2.

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 03.16 - 25/7


Also take a look at the IGS forum, specifically:

Where there is a great discussion of the horseshoe pickups.


Colin McCubbin
Sent: 03.12 - 25/7

Hi, Lee,

Good to hear from you, I hope you're sitting in cold wet Britain drinking warm beer while I'm suffering a heat wave in Canada and drinking cold Beer

I'm not sure what pu you refer to, I know they had an over/under the string model at one time, but think that only the ends were magnets & used the metal plates to complete the flux (may be wrong there)

These guys make some superb (and pricey) 1.5" prewar Ricky pickups, and lots of other vintage style pickups, they may well be able to help you..

I've heard good things about their Rickys so let us know if you get any help from them.

I also saw the Dobro that Dave King is making for you when I was in Britain at Easter. Looks very, very sweet. Is it finished, and if so, how does she play?


Name: Lee Holliday
Hometown: Camberley Surrey
Sent: 15.07 - 23/7

Hi Colin, I was wondering if either you have or know of the schematics for the valco/supro lapsteel pickup as I think a modern version would be great for the Ry cooder inspired hybrids that we are currently constructing. See you soon, ps Summer has just arrived today!

Name: Bob Doty
Hometown: Syracuse, NY
Sent: 07.28 - 8/7

Hello all! Wondering if anyone has advice on the pros & cons of converting an old National square neck to a round neck. I believe I've got a Havana. According to the serial # it is a 1942. Can be seen on my website
Thanks for any suggestions

Name: Big Mike Simpson
Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
Sent: 22.44 - 4/7

Hey Colin,
I have a couple of items that you might want pictures of, if you do let me know. I have a black Newport 88 (not for sale), a 65 Westwood 2x8" amp (that I am listing on ebay this weekend), a National butterscotch Telecaster copy and a National Westwood 77. I have a couple of others but you already have pictures of them.

Sent: 20.31 - 1/7


Name: BeRciK
Sent: 05.04 - 27/6

Nice nice... Cool WEBsite. Good luck:>

Name: Larry McElmuray
Hometown: Turlock , CA
Sent: 21.05 - 23/6


Glad that I stumbled onto your site, lots of great stuff!
I currently have a '34 National "Rosita" with the original case. I bought it from a fellow who had it in his family since new and decided to clean out his attic. He also has a mate to it that is in pristine condition. Trying to persuade him to part with it too!

Thanks, Larry

Name: bob turk
Hometown: burbank,ca.
Sent: 07.43 - 19/6

I just retuned from Tahiti with a 8 string ukulele and I can't find any info on the web on it . please send me anything on these fine ukulele's

Name: Keith Adams
Hometown: EL SEGUNDO
Sent: 01.30 - 18/6

Man there's some beautiful instruments on here.Too bad they dont make stuff like they used to.

Hometown: charleston,il
Sent: 23.18 - 14/6

OWNED A NATIONAL BOBBY THOMAS MOdEL SEMI HOLLOW BODDY GUITARnay be of some help would like to locate one again

sean fleskes
Hometown: dallas TX
Sent: 17.15 - 28/5

Very cool site-
Looking for some info on what seems to be a rare guitar from the New National Company.
1992 National Duolian,single cone, Spanish style, steel bodied six string, Serial#019

Colin McCubbin
Sent: 21.37 - 25/5

Hi Nick,
Thank you for contacting notecannons about the remanufacture of ukulele cones and spiders for prewar Dobro ukuleles.

Please let me know what instrument(s) you have!

While cones for National style resonator ukes are available from a variety of sources, (both National Resophonic in the USA, and Beltona in Europe/New Zealand, are good sources that I have used in the past), cones and spiders for Dobro style instruments have been impossible to find.

As you may know the Dobro cones came in two versions, one a simple spun cone on early instruments such as the Cyclops (single screen hole) and double screen hole Dobros and a more complex cone with lugs for the spider´s legs to rest on. Similarly early instruments had a delicate 8 legged spider while later instruments made for Ward, Regal and others often had a heavy and somewhat cruder 4 legged spider.

I have 5 different Dobro style ukes with both cone styles and both spiders. Over the years various owners have asked me about cones and since I now need several myself I have accepted the offer of Mike Lewis of ´Fine Resophonics´ in Paris to remanufacture cones and spiders. For those who do not know his work, Mike is Europe´s finest resophonic luthier, he numbers George Harrison, Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler amongst his clients. I believe he is currently making a third instrument for Clapton.

While he is investigating the cost of making up the tooling to make a lug style cone, we have agreed to make a first run of simple spun cones and to cast a set of 8 legged spiders.

This will be true to the Dobro brand ukes and will, in my opinion be a significant upgrade to the Regal and Ward brand instruments with 4 legged spiders.

As you will have found nearly all surviving Dobro style ukes have cones that have been abused and often cut by the spider leg ends. We will be experimenting with ways to alleviate this problem, perhaps by making the leg ends splay out a bit. However our first concern will be to get both volume and tone from the combination.

I have your email details on file now, this is a ´non profit´ venture for me, I live in Canada so will probably not import them into Canada and then out to the USA. Once Mike and I are happy with the cones and spiders I will probably ship some directly to a ´middle man´ in the USA, probably Uke Jackson if he is willing.

I note your reference to the LRC. Are you in Britain rather than the USA? Ron and Mel are good friends and will certainly be able to get sets for Europeans who need them.

Please keep in touch and I will in turn will let you know when we are ready.

Best wishes,

Colin McCubbin

Name: nick powell
Sent: 21.01 - 25/5

great to hear about the resonator uke cones being made by fine resophonic! some of us have either old reso ukes or cheaper new reso ukes that would benefit from a better cone.maybe in the u.k the london resonator centre could act as the go between where we could take our reso ukes to be fitted with new resophonic cones?......

Name: antonio
Hometown: padova -italy-
Sent: 11.07 - 25/5

How do you make the immage on the Style 'O'?Is it adhesive?What is the material about the immage?Thank you

Name: Randy Barnett
Hometown: Delaware, USA
Sent: 18.46 - 24/5

Hi there!
Great website!!! I have a few National, Dobro, and Supro amps and guitars that you don't already have pictured - please inquire if you need pics of '30 & '37 Trioleans, Style "O" (1930, '34, and '39), Dobro Lumalite, archtops (electric & acoustic), etc. Might be able to scan a late '40s catalog, also! Recent ('60s) electrics - several Westwoods, Folk Star, etc.
All the best,

Name: Randy Barnett
Hometown: Delaware, USA
Sent: 18.46 - 24/5

Hi there!
Great website!!! I have a few National, Dobro, and Supro amps and guitars that you don't already have pictured - please inquire if you need pics of '30 & '37 Trioleans, Style "O" (1930, '34, and '39), Dobro Lumalite, archtops (electric & acoustic), etc. Might be able to scan a late '40s catalog, also! Recent ('60s) electrics - several Westwoods, Folk Star, etc.
All the best,

Name: Debby
Hometown: Alabama
Sent: 01.31 - 23/5

I have a National Triolian, serial number 1055P. Any suggestions to the value?

Name: Deborah
Hometown: Houston
Sent: 06.48 - 9/5

I've inherited a National and wondering if anyone can help with the model date, and possible value. Looks like a Triolian, metal body, and serial #2166W. The patent #1,808,756 Other Patent Pending, comes back as Application filed March 11, 1929, Patented June 9, 1931, to George Beauchamp. There is indication of a past National type sticker which was once on it. Different sources give conflicting dates for this particular model number, and what does the "W" after the serial number indicate?

Name: Deborah
Hometown: Houston
Sent: 06.45 - 9/5

I've inherited a National and wondering if anyone can help with the model date, and possible value. Looks like a Triolian, metal body, and serial #2166W. The patent #1,808,756 Other Patent Pending, comes back as Application filed March 11, 1929, Patented June 9, 1931, to George Beauchamp. There is indication of a past National type sticker which was once on it. Different sources give conflicting dates for this particular model number, and what does the "W" after the serial number indicate?

Hometown: Erie pa
Sent: 18.43 - 1/5

I have a National " Bobby Thomas" semi-hollow body
electric. I'd like to find out more about it.

Sent: 21.15 - 26/4

From: Bill

I love your site!, keep up the good work!

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CLICK HERE to go to the Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick!

Name: darrell campbell
Hometown: Murfreesboro, TN
Sent: 04.22 - 19/4

I have a National electric guitar, model # is EG684-2HT, serial # is 515. 2 pickups, tone / volume controls are slide pots. I have searched the web and cannot find any info on this guitar, can anyone help?

Hometown: Nashville TN
Sent: 15.52 - 10/4

Wanted to say enjoyed my visit to your website. I created a website for a really good buddy of mine, Jon Westbrook, plays pedal steel guitar, lap steel, banjo, guitar, and dobro.

Name: Lubos Bena
Hometown: Skalica, Slovakia
Sent: 15.53 - 8/4

I have never seen so a lot of vitage instruments before. The best site. The reso-greeting from Slovakia to you.
Dovidenia priatelia.

Page 1.

Colin McCubbin
Sent: 08.13 - 3/11

Notecannons moved to the new host today. Michael and I have hundreds (probably nearer 1,000) more pictures and sales brochure scans that we will start uploading as and when we have time.

If there is anything that you want to see at the site let us know please, If we can do it we will!

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 08.09 - 3/11

Hi, Anders,

Bob Brozman told me recently that another Aloha had turned up. I don't know where or when, it will be interesting to hear more.



Name: Anders
Sent: 02.08 - 2/11

Thanks, Michael.

Can't believe I missed that one. A really mystery guitar.


Name: MM cc Colin...
Sent: 01.59 - 2/11

Hi Anders,
The Aloha guitar is on this website listed under single cone guitars.
Shine On,

Name: Anders
Sent: 20.22 - 1/11

Hi Colin.

Hope to see some more pictures here on notecannons; it's such a great site. One question: I recall reading in a guitarmag some time ago, that you have one of those Aloha guitars, that were made in Shanghai with some National parts? Is this correct, and if so, can we expect to see some photo of this weird hybrid here on notecannons?


jeff climo
Sent: 22.49 - 26/10

thanks Colin i'll send some pictures soon

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 22.40 - 26/10

Hi, Jeff,

If you can send some pics I'll probably be able to look it up. If you have the speaker chassis a decent recone shop should be able to recone it, but the main problem will/may be that it predated permanent magnets so had an extra coil (looking like a transformer) on the back of the speaker which created the magnetic field that the voice coil moves against.

If you chose to replace the speaker entirely, then that circuitry will need removing from the amp. I researched this years ago and found some info on it on the web, I'll try and find it again.



Jeff Climo
Sent: 23.06 - 25/10

a bit more info on my new amp
model #0125az (i think)
made by webster for national, the plate with all the info is prety worn but i think these are right

Name: Jeff Climo
Sent: 22.42 - 25/10

I just picked up a thirties vintage chicken foot cover amp and i'm interested in any info you can give as well as a replacement speaker for it


Name: nick powell
Sent: 13.45 - 20/10

love ukes and guitars especially resonators. interested in buying reso ukes

Sent: 18.29 - 21/9



Resophonically yours,

Name: Daniel Sunquist
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Sent: 06.56 - 20/9

The whole world should resonate.

Name: Michael Messer
Sent: 16.43 - 19/9

Hi everyone,
Just a note to let you know that I now host a forum on my website which deals with all things related to resophonic guitars and music. We also have a BUY & SELL page for guitars, amps, records, Hawaiian shirts ...etc, and it is free to advertize your instrument.
Shine On,

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 16.40 - 19/9

I have just heard that Mike Robinson at has a reissue knobs in black and white for the National/Supro/Airline ranges of electric guitars from the 60's. If you need any please contact him and say we sent you!


Name: Les Ford
Sent: 22.47 - 25/8

Are you still looking for fiddle-edge dobro photos? If so, let me know as I have a few that I have downloaded from here and there; both Dobros and Regals. I have never seen a Dobro M16, but I have a few shots of what is claimed to be a Regal M16 (F holes and M-series style engraving.

Name: Cary Boyd
Hometown: Tulsa, Okla
Sent: 12.54 - 19/8

I am looking for a National Duolian circa 1930 with a green duco frost finish or just a metal finish. If you know of one available at a price within sane limits please let me know. Right now I am playing a year 2000 blue Delphi. The new Nationals are really great!

Name: Franta Javurek
Hometown: Prague, Czech republic
Sent: 11.06 - 8/8

Dear Colin, thank you for your message to WRA! Your web site is fantastic! Keep in touch with our World resophonic association. Hope to see you at our WRA festival 2005. All the best, Franta

Name: Buck Dilly
Hometown: Branchville, NJ
Sent: 03.51 - 7/8

A wonderful site. It will provide me with a fine internet National reference source.

Name: Colin McCubbin
Sent: 19.38 - 2/8

Hi, Rainer,

In theory it was a clean 1.5 round neck triplate with a very high/late serial#.

I am having serious trouble dealing with the vendor, who, as you noted was hard to contact even before the auction. He finally emailed some pictures, but now I hear from one of the underbidders (who I know well) that he has contacted them and offered them the guitar at their bid price saying that I wasn't going to purchase. Before sending any loot I am going to try and contact all the other bidders to see if he has done the same thing to them.

I am not having a good feeling about this one!

Name: Anthony Dauley
Sent: 10.38 - 2/8

Hello, my grandmother owns a National Resonator mandolin. It is fitted with a Dearmond pickup. I have not found much information on these resonator mandolins to make much of it. I was hoping that maybe somebody here might know a thing or two. Please e mail anything you know. Thank you.

Name: Rainer Woeffler
Hometown: Muenchen - Germany
Sent: 11.20 - 31/7

Hi Colin,
congratulation on the Style 1 you got today. In case you need to sell another good sounding Style 1, please lemme know!
I am the guy who got the Aragon from Chris Ramey some time ago!

Name: lee holliday
Hometown: Camberley
Sent: 14.33 - 26/7

Hi Colin, the pickup is the all in one unit that incorperates a large metal plate with opposing tone and volume, with built in bridge and string anchors (chicagoan/supreme)the actual pickup has a bridge cover comprising two magnets and a top plate with six holes to adjst the polepieces.
The ricky horseshoe is another animal all together I am aware of Jason Lollar he is making three for Dave at the moment.
Watch this space as the concept I have in mind it is along the lines of the metropolitan map shaped electrics but with guts of the lap steel pickup!
Still waiting on the dobro,but I have an all walnut squareneck which should be finished this week

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