Resonator Resources.

Repairs and Luthiers

This list is courtesy of the thread our good friend Lee Holliday started at the IGS forum.
I only have personal knowledge of, and can highly recommend those folk listed below whose names are followed by **.

My thanks to Lee and the other folk who contributed to this list!

  • Adams Resonators (USA)
  • Amistar (CZ)
  • Beard guitars (USA)
  • Beltona** (NZ)
  • Brook guitars (Devon, UK)
  • Carroll Benoit (Tx, USA)
  • Continental (DE)
  • Crafters of Tennessee (USA)
  • Delta (UK)
  • Donmo (Adelaide, AUS)
  • Dobro (USA)
  • Mike Dotson (USA)**
  • Fine Resophonic*** (Paris, FR)
  • Gadgie Guitars (Cumbria, UK)
  • Brad Harper (Statesville, NC, USA)
  • Holoubeck
  • R.Q Jones (now retired?)
  • Dave King*** (London, UK)
  • Lebeda (CZ)
  • Gregg McKenna (Connecticut,USA)
  • Tooter Meredith
  • National Resophonic** (Calif, USA)
  • Rayco Resophonics
  • Tim Scheerhorn (no longer taking orders)
  • Marc Schoenberger*** (Calif,USA)
  • Larry Stevens
  • Ross Teigen (Naples, Fl, USA)
  • Webber (Logan, Montana, USA)
  • Pete Woodman** (Isle of Man,UK)
  • Yanuziello** (Toronto,Canada)

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